CTA Linkages in Australia

The University of Adelaide Adelaide SA 5005 Australia
Gavin Rowell (University of Adelaide)

CTA Linkages Meeting 2019, Adelaide

This meeting aims to strengthen the links between Australian astronomy and the science of the next-generation TeV gamma-ray facility - the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA).

Australian astronomy spans a wide range of interests from the major investments in radio and optical astronomy, to strategic involvements in X-ray, gamma-ray, neutrino, cosmic-ray and gravitational wave astronomy.

With CTA entering its construction phase, the SKA pathfinders in operation (e.g. ASKAP, MWA, UTMOST), and new signals in gravitational waves and neutrinos, now is the time to look closely at how these multi-wavelength and multi-messenger activities can be linked to CTA.

Keynote Speakers

To be announced.

Scientific Organising Committee

Gavin Rowell, Uni Adelaide, Australia
Sabrina Einecke, Uni Adelaide, Australia
Ulisses Barres de Almeida, CBPF Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Emma de Oña Wilhelmi, IEEC-CSIS Barcelona, Spain
Jamie Holder, Uni Delaware, USA
Geoff Bicknell, ANU Canberra, Australia
Roland Crocker, ANU Canberra, Australia
Csaba Balazs, Uni Monash, Australia
Duncan Galloway, Uni Monash, Australia
Celine Boehm, Uni Sydney, Australia
Shari Breen, Uni Sydney, Australia
Anne Green, Uni Sydney, Australia
Miroslav Filipovic, Western Sydney Uni, Australia
Nick Tothill, Western Sydney Uni, Australia               
Michael Ashley, Uni. New South Wales, Australia

Local Organising Committee

Gavin Rowell, Uni Adelaide
Sabrina Einecke, Uni Adelaide
Paddy McGee, Uni Adelaide

  • Sabrina Einecke
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