28-29 November 2019
The University of Adelaide
Australia/Adelaide timezone


The meeting will be held in the Kerr Grant lecture theatre, within the Physics building at the University of Adelaide's North Terrace campus.

The image below shows the North Terrace campus (looking north), with the Physics building highlighted in blue, just left of centre. North Terrace is at the bottom edge of the image.

Aerial view of North Terrace campus, Physics is highlighted in blue.

The image below shows the Physics building, with the roof of the Kerr Grant theatre highlighted in blue. This view is approximately to the south-west.

Aerial view of Physics building; entrance in purple; Kerr Grant in blue.

The theatre is accessed via the first floor of the Physics building. The most direct route is to enter the Physics building via the eastern main doors (purple in the image above), then go up the stairs which will be directly ahead and on your left; at the top of those stairs, the entrance to the Kerr Grant will be down a small flight of stairs ahead and on your left.

If you've gone up the stairs to the first floor, turned to your left, and what you see looks like the photo below, you're heading in the right direction...

Entrance to the Kerr Grant theatre


Dinner venue

The Workshop Dinner will be held in the Staff Club in Union House at the university, which is around 100m north of the Physics building on campus.

More information will be provided during the Workshop.

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