from Monday, 6 May 2019 (12:00) to Thursday, 9 May 2019 (15:25)
Italy, Bologna (Teatro Duse)

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6 May 2019
7 May 2019
8 May 2019
9 May 2019
09:00 Space-based gamma-ray detectors - Julie McEnery   (Teatro Duse)
09:30 Imaging Array Cherenkov Telescopes - Jamie Holder (University of Delaware)   (Teatro Duse)
10:30 Large field of view ground-based detectors - Petra Hüntemeyer   (Teatro Duse)
11:00 Introduction to Key Science Projects and Particle acceleration in CTA - Prof. Rene Ong (UCLA)   (Teatro Duse)
11:28 New physics in Key Science Projects - Prof. Subir Sarkar (University of Oxford)   (Teatro Duse)
11:50 MeV / GeV neutrinos - Takaaki Kajita (ICRR, Univeristy of Tokyo)   (Teatro Duse)
09:00 Simulations and laboratory experiments - Frederico Fiuza   (Teatro Duse)
09:25 Theory and astrophysical observations - Anne Decourchelle   (Teatro Duse)
09:50 Particle acceleration by kinetic instabilities in accretion disks - Mario Riquelme   (Teatro Duse)
10:10 Experimental analogue of UHECR transport with a laser-produced turbulent magnetized plasma - Gianluca Gregori   (Teatro Duse)
11:30 Pulsars and their nebulae - Anatoly Spitkovsky   (Teatro Duse)
11:55 Accreting compact objects - Chris Done   (Teatro Duse)
09:00 Probing intergalactic magnetic fields - Rafael Alves Batista   (Teatro Duse)
09:25 Constraining the Extragalactic Background Light - Marco Ajello   (Teatro Duse)
09:50 Testing cosmology and fundamental physics with the Cherenkov Telescope Array - Manuel Meyer (Stanford University)   (Teatro Duse)
10:10 Testing primordial axion-driven cosmic magnetogenisis with CTA - Francesco Miniati   (Teatro Duse)
11:00 Dark matter and Lorentz Invariance Violation - John Ellis (King's College London)   (Teatro Duse)
11:40 Stellar intensity interferometry measurements with CTA - Michael Daniel (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)   (Teatro Duse)
14:00 Welcome - Federico Ferrini (CTAO gGmbH)   (Teatro Duse)
14:25 Setting the stage - Werner Hofmann (MPIK)   (Teatro Duse)
15:45 Project status (including operations) - Wolfgang Wild (CTAO)   (Teatro Duse)
16:20 CTA in the context of astrophysics in the 2020s - Roger Blandford (KIPAC, Stanford)   (Teatro Duse)
12:25 TeV / PeV neutrinos - Francis Halzen   (Teatro Duse)
14:30 Gravitational wave astronomy - Rai Weiss   (Teatro Duse)
15:00 Radio Astronomy - Robert Laing   (Teatro Duse)
15:30 Optical and infrared astronomy - Matthias Steinmetz (Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP))   (Teatro Duse)
16:00 Millimeter and sub-millimeter astronomy - Reinhard Genzel   (Teatro Duse)
16:30 X-ray astronomy - Luigi Piro   (Teatro Duse)
12:20 Gamma-ray bursts - Giancarlo Ghirlanda   (Teatro Duse)
12:45 The microquasars of the Cygnus region: gamma-ray emission and perspectives with CTA - Giovanni Piano   (Teatro Duse)
12:58 3D simulations of pulsar bow shock nebulae - Barbara Olmi   (Teatro Duse)
13:11 Discovery of Late-Time Very High Energy Emission from a Gamma-ray Burst Afterglow - Edna L. Ruiz Velasco   (Teatro Duse)
14:20 Non-thermal emission from active galaxies - Gabriele Ghisellini   (Teatro Duse)
14:45 Compact objects and Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays - Andrew Taylor   (Teatro Duse)
15:10 Neutrinos from TXS 0506+056 - Silke Britzen   (Teatro Duse)
15:25 Locating the blazar zone - Elina Lindfors (Tuorla Observatory, University of Turku)   (Teatro Duse)
15:40 VLBI location of the sites of high-energy emission production in AGN - Nick MacDonald   (Teatro Duse)
15:55 The high-energy view of the outflow from the Galactic Center - Gabriele Ponti   (Teatro Duse)
16:40 Star-forming system with focus on Galactic Center - Roland Crocker   (Teatro Duse)
17:05 Role of cosmic rays in galaxy evolution - Volker Springel   (Teatro Duse)
17:30 Cosmic Ray Production to above 100 PeV in Compact Galactic Star Clusters - Don Ellison   (Teatro Duse)
17:45 High-mass protostellar jets: a new class of gamma-ray sources - Anabella Araudo   (Teatro Duse)
12:00 Event Horizon Telescope - Maciek Wielgus   (Teatro Duse)
12:20 Neutrino telescopes in the Mediterranean Sea: the present and the future - Maurizio Spurio   (Teatro Duse)
12:40 How can CTA perform best in the changing gravitational wave follow-up landscape? - Imre Bartos   (Teatro Duse)
14:30 The ESO programme - Prof. Xavier Barcons (ESO)   (Teatro Duse)
15:00 Where do we go from here? - Catherine Cesarsky (SAp, CEA Saclay)   (Teatro Duse)